Pichu The Cockatiel Is Settling In

The first day of November has arrived and I’m afraid the aviary garden is looking rather untidy. Fallen leaves are everywhere and it is going take a lot of hard work to get it to this stage.


However inside the house our cockatiel chick is settling in very well. He is gaining in confidence and playing with his toys. We have called him Pichu as he is the younger brother of another cockatiel we have in the aviary called Pikachu who looks just like him. Even though he is only a young bird I can tell he is a boy by his song and behaviour. He sings (tunelessly) all day and has that sort of bossy way about him that lots of the boys have!

Pichu The Cockatiel

Pichu The Cockatiel

We are about to start letting him out of his cage soon in a safety proofed room so hopefully all will go well and the next stage in his taming will be successful.


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All about the ducks, chickens, quail, aviary birds and pets that live in our London garden.
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  1. Love this. What a wonderful theme for a blog! Anyway, I called by to leave my thanks for your recent decision to follow Learning from Dogs. Thank you!!

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