A New Java Finch

We have bought a new Java Finch this week as our female sadly died last year. Zorro our male has been on his own in the aviary and although he seems happy enough we thought it would be nice for him to have a new mate.  We chose a female at a local bird fair a few days ago. I recorded the moment Zorro realised there was a new Java Finch in the aviary. It certainly brightened his day!

It was a bright and sunny cold day today and we took the dogs for a walk to Warren Farm at the border of Cheam and Ewell. Warren Farm was an arable farm from the 1680s until 1988. The Woodland Trust was given Warren Farm in 1994 and it comprises of 53 acres in the old Parish of Cuddington, now part of East Ewell in the Borough of Epsom & Ewell.



The site is largely open grassland  and is a beautiful place for a walk that we have only just discovered. Apparently there are over 90 different meadow plants growing there and over 35 species of birds have been recorded. I am looking forward to spring when we can appreciate this hidden gem in it’s full splendour but it still looked beautiful in the winter sunshine today.

P1090665P1090666P1090668P1090660It certainly blew away a few cobwebs!

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