A Love Of Jumble Sales

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love a jumble sale! Useful items for around the home, retro items for our 1970s caravan, bits and bobs to sell for a profit on ebay and well just pretty little things I can’t resist. They are all there at jumble sales, £5 and you feel like a millionaire! Most exciting of all there is always the chance you could find a lost treasure worth a fortune. Last night Tom and I set off to one that occurs on a Friday evening a couple of times a year locally. The fact that we are looking forward to a Friday night jumble sale, has been pointed out to us with much amusement by our adult children, as to the sad state of our social life now but that’s another story.

A Friday Evening Jumble Sale In Banstead

A Friday Evening Jumble Sale

I have noticed over the years a change in jumble sales. The queues outside before the doors open are getting longer and longer as more and more people from all walks of life are trying to find a bargain. It’s not only bargain hunters swelling the numbers though as I chat to people in the queue next to me I have realised more and more people are developing the mindset that we should reuse and recycle. Every item purchased is an item saved from land fill. Some of my most used items around my home have come from a jumble sale and for an average price of about 50p. Some toys and books I paid 20p for when my children were little are now being used by my granddaughter and when they are finished with I will either sell them on ebay or give them back to a jumble sale. It’s a cycle we could all get used to rather than just chucking things in the bin.

Queuing At A Jumble Sale

Queuing At A Jumble Sale

We managed to find a few nice items. A few bits I know will sell well for a little profit on ebay, Tom bought some CDs (4 for £1) and I bought some costume jewellery. A pile of knotted necklaces for £2. I have untangled and cleaned and am thrilled with my finds. We may have not had a Friday night out on the town but it was certainly worth going and a bit of fun while supporting a local charity. If you have never been to one or haven’t been for years and are looking for ways to reuse and recycle I would give one a go. There is always the chance you could end up on Antiques Roadshow telling the story of the Fabergé Egg you bought for 20p!

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  1. alibrarylady says:

    I was thinking of you last night and hoping that it had been a success. Don’t listen to them…Friday night jumble sales sound like fun to me. I’d be looking for a first edition Harry Potter!

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