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All about a sustainable life at home and with our ducks, chickens, aviary birds and pets that live in our London garden.

A Love Of Jumble Sales

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love a jumble sale! Useful items for around the home, retro items for our 1970s caravan, bits and bobs to sell for a profit on ebay and well just pretty little things … Continue reading

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Keeping Dogs With A Small Eco Pawprint

While I have been having a break from blogging we have managed to acquire two new dogs. We got border collie Tess as a puppy last year then a few months later Layla arrived. My eldest son took her from … Continue reading

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The Super Blue Moon Over The Aviary Garden

This was the beautiful sight of the Super Blue Moon over the aviary garden this evening. It looks almost mystical.

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Foxes Feeding In The Garden

Anyone who lives in a big city will be used to the sight of urban foxes. In London alone there are thought to be over 10,000 living around our streets. As a late evening dog walker of 30 years in … Continue reading

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Cockatiels And Rosa Bourkes Enjoying Millet

There was a definite touch of spring in the air today.  There are the beginnings of blossom buds on the plum tree and the hawthorn hedge and the birds have been singing. The weather forecast for the week ahead is … Continue reading

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House Sparrows In London

Sadly House Sparrows have declined by 60% in London and many other cities in the United Kingdom since 2004. I remember them in very large numbers on the bird feeders when I was younger but in our London borough I … Continue reading

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Training And Bonding With A Cockatiel

I have hand reared many cockatiels with mainly very good results and love doing it. They live together in a separate small aviary and are a pleasure to look after. When I am in there they chat to me and … Continue reading

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The Cockatiel Chick Has Grown Up

The Cockatiel chick is 13 weeks old and has done so well. We have bought him into the house today to keep our house cockatiel Sammy company. He has got a bit wild flying around in the aviary for several … Continue reading

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Molly The Pekin Bantam

We have four Pekin Bantams and I love keeping them. They are friendly, very tame and have a really sweet way about them. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to keep hens but are a bit short of … Continue reading

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A Bee And Butterfly Friendly Hanging Basket

I have hanging baskets all around the garden. In the front garden I love a splash of pretty colours all year round. In the back garden I have been experimenting with some longer lasting ones with more bee and butterfly … Continue reading

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